Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hello there!

Tonight I felt inspired to start a blog. I'm not sure why at 3:15am on a Wednesday morning I feel the massive urge to get my message to the world (or realistically anyone who happens to stumble across this and read it), but I do know that now is the time I share my passion of cosmetics, beauty and all things pretty.

So what can you expect from my posts I hear you ask? I will talk about what I talk about best... cosmetics, beauty and all things pretty (sensing a pattern here?). On a serious note, I would just like to share my thoughts on anything from the latest "must have" lipstick to my favourite eye shadow combo - which changes on a very regular basis :) . I also want to cram in as many beauty tips and tricks as possible and hopefully someone will find them helpful!

Okay, so the time is now 3:20 and beauty sleep is now on my mind, after all tired looking eyes tomorrow morning is not a good look!